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Custom Balcony Fabrication & Installation

Juliet Balcony in Northbrook We had a client reach out to us from Northbrook who was removing their existing balcony due to structural issues and wanted us to replace it with a steel one.
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Over the last 25 years we have comprised a small collection of just some of the balconies we have had the privilege of making. We use a wide variety of materials and are not simply fabricators but also designers. We are constantly on the lookout for new balcony designs and different elements we could utilize in beautifying your home. Whether it’s simply a decoration or a functional custom balcony, we are here for you! As the leading chicago welding company, we offer the most competitive pricing with style, finesse, and quality – every time! We are available to work on residential and commercial properties across the entire Chicago area, as well as all the suburbs within a 40+ miles radius. Call us today to schedule your consultation! When it comes to any kind of metal, don’t hesitate to contact Signature Metal Works! Please visit our stairs and railings pages for more ideas on how to personalize and decorate your home or business. Make your home or business unique with the best metal work available in the Chicago area! We are your next custom staircase builder!


A custom decorative residential balcony fabricated and installed in Winnetka, IL.


A custom forged steel center diamond arabesque residential balcony fabrication and installation in Chicago.


A custom modern big belly rounded residential balcony for a home in Northbrook.


Custom balcony with modern custom rectangular pickets with a powder coating finish and installed for a residence in Elmhurst, IL.


A custom hand forged steel Parisian hammered balcony designed, fabricated and installed for a home in Chicago.


A custom wrought iron Juliet balcony design fabricated and installed in a Wilmette home.


Custom commercial grade steel balconies for a condominium in Chicago.


Custom commercial grade heavy steel galvanized balcony with grating for the city of Arlington Heights.


A custom decorative wrought iron residential balcony for a home in Long Grove.


A custom decorative wrought iron residential balcony fabrication and installation for a home in Downers Grove.


A custom Cambered moden designed, fabricated and installed residential balcony for Chicago home.


A custom Juliet hammered balcony with open base platform in the Chicagoland area.


A custom Juliet hammered balcony with solid base platform in the Chicagoland area.


A custom modern designed balcony with perforated railing for a residence in Chicago.


A custom modern juliet balcony with stainless steel cable for a residence in Chicago.


A custom juliet balcony for an interior of a home.


A custom juliet balcony with an open base for a home in Arlington Heights.