Signature Metal Works Welding

Your metal fabrication professionals

Peter Symovonyk founded Signature Metal Works, Inc. in 2008 as a means of creating a unique business that would merge his two passions in life: art photography and metal fabrication.

A third generation metal fabricator, Peter has spent the majority of his life understanding and mastering metal fabrication, an art passed down through his family. In continuing his family’s tradition Peter pursued a welding education in Europe to help him further refine his skills as a blacksmith. During his education in welding school he developed a passion for something else—art photography.

Upon graduation, Peter enlisted in the army, sharpening his welding skills by working on military vehicle parts. At the end of his military service Peter decided to bring to life a vision of his which had been years in the making: metal art. He would take his two passions, art photography and metal fabrication, and merge them into a unique metal fabrication company. It would allow him to create products that personified beauty but maintained the functionality and longevity you would expect from the hands of an experienced welder. After moving to the United States Peter was able to bring his vision into fruition.

Peter has since spent nearly a decade further refining his craft with Signature Metal Works. Peter’s children have also joined the company to continue the family tradition. And while the traditional methods of metal fabrication are still used in Signature Metal Works today, Peter has developed his own personal style of crafting that has allowed him to create the unique pieces you could only receive from Signature Metal Works. In the future Peter is planning on acquiring a CNC Plasma Cutting Table in order to produce more intricate designs and explore in depth the fabrication of custom metal window frames, door frames and custom metal furniture pieces. In the spare time Peter continues taking breathtaking images and working on new ways to enhance the aesthetics and quality of Signature Metal Works’ products.