Traditional twisted bar wrought iron balcony in Hyde Park


The owner of a large commercial property in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago had reached out to us during the winter to get a quote for the fabrication of custom Juliet balconies for their large condo complex. They had an issue with the existing ones being in very bad shape, and in some instances pieces have fallen of them onto the ground from a very high height, creating a safety hazard. The goal was for them to replace the existing ones with something that matched the style, but was also secure and up to code. There were a variety of sizes and options we had to consider. We also had to design and manufacture a custom bracket specifically for these custom balconies to safely be mounted into the brick facade. Once we received all the drawings from the customer, we went out to the job site to double check some additional variables. They had selected a traditional style balcony with twisted bar elements and once we had a chance to assess the situation, we had a mockup made and had the client come to our shop to examine and test the railings to ensure everything was perfect. The installers were able to inspect the mockup as well to see how it would look and function for this application.

We can make a tightly twisted solid ½” square bar in any length you may need. Whether you need a loosely twisted solid square bar or a tightly twisted square bar give us a call and we can have any quantity ready and shipped out to your door. Whether it’s commercial or residential – let us help you! We are your leading Chicagoland custom railing fabricators with over 3 decades of experience in the field. We are constantly adapting and reinventing new designs for the commercial and residential sectors. Feel free to check out our wrought iron railings section or the wrought iron stairs. Next time you’re looking for a leading Chicago metal fabricator with over three decades of experience in the fabrication and welding industry – give us a call!

After the mockup install the client had asked us to adjust the height. We double-checked the bracket system and everything was ready for the run! In a large run like this we will often manufacture one test set and all the other pieces separately, and then put them together like a big puzzle. The main pieces we started out with were our custom spindles, or custom twisted balusters as they’re sometimes called. We had actually created a custom machine for this task in order to make any size we may need for future clients. If you ever need custom twisted pickets – give us a call! We ship all over the country and can have them painted or powder coated. Once those were ready we moved on to the top and bottom channels of the commercial Juliet balconies in prepping them with our hole punch. The next step was to create the bracket system, which was welded on to the channels.

The client elected to get the finished pieces painted with one of their other contractors, so once we were done they had the pieces picked up and sent to be finished with a high quality gloss. They also had their own contractors do the actual final installation, once everything was ready to go. One of the most useful features we implemented for the balconies was to incorporate a lot of give, to the left and to the right, on the brackets to allow the installers the ability to make adjustments on the spot and get the perfect fit every time. This way we didn’t need to be present to make any needed adjustments and the balconies were a perfect fit into every opening they were designed for. The whole project went smoothly start to finish, and the client loved the final look of their new custom Juliet balconies.

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