French Country wrought iron belly balcony in Kenilworth


We recently had a client reach out to us for a custom Juliet balcony for their newly fabricated home in Kenilworth. They sent us over some pictures of the home, some rough measurements of the opening where they needed the balcony, as well as some designs they have seen and liked from our Houzz profile. We were able to fabricate the custom Juliet balcony exactly the way they were looking for and setup a day to come out to install the beautiful French Country styled addition. The finished piece was made out of wrought iron, incorporated belly elements in the design and was finished off with satin black paint. We installed it a week later and the entire process took roughly 2 weeks from start to finish.

We often get clients reaching out to us looking to fabricate a custom balcony or a custom railing and all we really need to generate a quote is a picture of where the custom metal product needs to go, some rough measurements of the space, and a design you’re interested in. From there our designers can quickly get you an estimate. No need to wait for anyone to come – we can do everything via email and phone in order to get you pricing quicker! Our regular lead-time is 2-3 weeks depending on the project scope and size. The next time you’re in the market for a custom metal product such as a custom Juliet balcony or custom stairs in Chicago – give us a call!