Frequently Asked Questions

Material & Finish

What materials do you work with?
Wrought Iron (steel)
Do you work with Stainless Steel?
We do not but if we utilize a powder coating finish with sand blasting and an epoxy, you will be able to pick any color for the metal and you will get similar rust resistance properties to stainless steel.
Do you fabricate cable railings?
What size of cables do you work with for cable rails?
316 Stainless Steel: 3/16th, 1/8th, 3/16th, 1/4th
Do you fabricate metal products with wood?
We prepare the railing for a wood top but our subcontractors do the actual wood fabrication and installation.
Do you offer wood railings or wood handrails?
We have subcontractors that are available to offer a wood top for your metal railing as well as separate handrails.
What kind of finish or paint options do you offer?
We utilize Rust-Oleum for most applications as well as powder coating /sandblasting / galvanizing.

Placing an Order

What is the process to get an estimate?

We ask everyone to supply the following information via email:

  • Take a photo of the existing railing or space (or provide a drawing or blueprint)
  • Provide rough length of how much railing is needed (how many feet)
  • Provide a design that you are interested in
  • We will then provide an estimate based on this information and will come out to take final measurements once a contract is signed
What is your minimum order pricing?
  • $1500 for product to be installed
  • $750 for pickup
Do you come out to provide estimates?
We have a quicker method to ensure you don’t have to wait for us – please review the process above to get an estimate
Do you install the final product (s)?
Mostly yes but depends on the situation
Do you ship your custom fabricated products?
Yes, but only with a prime coating
Do you fabricate commercial and residential projects?


Do you provide CAD Drawings?
Yes, but for an additional cost


Do you do repairs on existing steel products?

We do not because we have experienced over the years that when repairs are needed or even noticed (IE rust) – the issue maybe substantially more severe on the inside of the metal and we recommend replacement for safety precautions

  • We have a set rate of $120/hr for labor plus material if repairs are the only option
Do you do removal of existing metal?
We do for railings but not stairs or balconies also we do not repair or patch drywall after removal

Company Information

What are your office hours?
M-F 9:00AM-5:00PM
Do you have a warranty?
We have a one-year conditional warranty – please read our warranty information for a more detailed explanation.