Clear Coat

A transparent layer of paint that allows the natural finish of the metal to shine through while protecting the piece from tarnish, corrosion or rust through many years of use.

Industrial style stair case in west dandee

Industrial wrought iron stairs painted clear coat in West Dundee

A business owner in the West Dundee suburb of Chicago, IL had reached out to us to design and install a custom wrought iron staircase and railing set for their office space.
Custom wrought iron & wood stairs urban modern painted clear coat bottom staircase view

Urban Modern wrought iron & wood stairs painted clear coat in Chicago

A customer in the bustling Fulton Market neighborhood of Chicago was in the process of completely rehabbing a warehouse loft into a luxurious apartment space and they needed custom metal railings and staircase created for their space.
Custom wrought iron railing painted clear coat rebar downstairs

Rustic wrought iron railing clear coated in Arlington Heights

A homeowner in the Arlington Heights suburb of Chicago reached out to us to help design a unique staircase and railing for their home. The rustic wrought iron design we created incorporated rebar for the horizontal elements and the vertical…
Custom wrought iron handrail painted clear coat

Urban modern wrought iron handrail clear coated in Chicago

A client working on finishing their basement in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago had reached out about adding a hand-rail to the curved staircase for support and safety.
Custom wrought Iron Stairs

Wrought iron staircase and railing for Colectivo coffee in Wicker Park

We recently had the privilege to work on a really cool design that transformed the interior of the new Colectivo coffee that opened in Wicker Park in Chicago. We fabricated the staircase, railing, tables and a few other beautiful pieces…
Custom contemporary wrought iron flat bar railings painted clear coat for a client in Logan Square

Contemporary flat bar wrought iron railings in Logan Square

A custom wrought iron Contemporary style interior railing painted clear coat using flat bar elements for a residential property in Logan Square, Chicago. The client added a beautiful wood top to the railing as well. The element is composed of…
custom hand forged metal railing

Custom rustic residential wrought iron handrail, stairs and railing

We recently had a customer ask us to redo their entire exterior of their home. They gave us an artistic license on the style and we created a custom metal stairs that went to their mud room. We also added…

Custom Open Rises stairs in Champaign

We recently had the opportunity to work on a custom staircase and railing for a family that had a cabin out near Champaign, IL. We started out the process by meeting with the family in our fabrication shop to go…
Custom industrial wrought iron open riser stairs painted clear coat for a client in Roscoe Village

Industrial open riser wrought iron straight stairs in Roscoe Village

A renovated townhome in Roscoe Village, Chicago where tenants wanted to utilize the porch area and this set of stairs helps them get to it safely. These are not meant to just be functional but a design aesthetic.
pre fabricated custom manufacturing bins

Industrial wrought iron commercial manufacturing bins in Elk Grove Village

A custom wrought iron Industrial style fabrication bins for a commercial property in Elk Grove Village. The manufacturing company produces products and needed for a way to move the unfinished products between each station in the facility. We also added…
chicago office setting

Custom Commercial Wrought Iron Window Frames in Chicago

Windows are one of the most amazing pieces of modern architecture. In the history of construction we have moved from small windows with thick glass to windows that can take up an entire wall. Windows and their design can change…
art railing

Custom Artistic Residential Railing in Wilmette

This railing for a home in Wilmette was one of those projects that are delightful from start to finish. This railing has many artistic elements, from the waved tubing to the different metals in the balls and nobs. From every…
Custom art deco wrought iron bar stools furniture painted clear coat

Art Deco bar stools wrought iron furniture

An experimentative art deco design of bar stools we created for a homeowner for their finished basement bar.
Custom art deco wrought iron mirror furniture painted clear coat

Art Deco mirror wrought iron furniture

An art deco layered mirror that hinges 180 degrees to be functional yet provide a transformational element to the homeowners living room.
Custom art deco wrought iron table frame furniture painted clear coat

Art Deco wrought iron table frame furniture

An art deco style table base was created for a homeowner for their entry way. They wanted it to have elements of tree branches and they added a granite top at the end.
Custom french country wrought iron scroll handrails painted clear coat for a client in Lakeview

French Country scroll wrought iron handrails in Lakeview

A custom wrought iron French Country style handrail painted clear coat for a residential property in Lakeview, Chicago. The entire staircase was custom including the wallpaper and even the tiles on the treads. The concept was - how do we…
Custom forged handrail painted clear coat outside

Rustic wave wrought iron handrails in Glenview and Fox Lake

A custom wrought iron Rustic style handrail painted clear coat for a residential property in Glenview. The owner wanted a forged look that was unique and matched the style of his home.