Industrial wrought iron commercial manufacturing bins in Elk Grove Village


Our metalwork projects sometimes take on a different flavor from products we design as part of a building’s infrastructure. We also develop a number of other custom metalwork products, with these rolling carts that we developed for a local tool company as just one example. Developing these took a different sort of thinking cap, and we produced quite a few of them in the end. Just like any order, we started by working with the client to discover what the goal for their product would be. Their Elk Grove Village factory needed to move unfinished products they were manufacturing between different stations in the facility, so we came up with designs for these custom rolling carts and soon we were down to work.

We used a variety of materials for these carts to ensure that they’re sturdy, but also easy to move around. Industrial carts like these need to be strong and long-lasting. With that in mind we chose our materials and finishes with extreme care. What is essentially a box on wheels seems simple from a design standpoint, but the engineering involved takes on an interesting turn. For example, the placement on the wheels for the support posts is important. We wanted these rolling carts to be able to carry heavy loads, and therefore we needed material that would not bend under pressure and could equally distribute weight. In the end, our design did just that. Throughout each stage of the project we added different materials to create the end product.

For a little while, our workshop was dominated by these carts, stacked up in corners while we worked on more and inspected the ones we’d already built. The different elements of these carts were made in-house using a variety of our specialized tools. Our welding teams also had their work cut out for them as they made sure that all of the parts fit together seamlessly and the moving parts were able to function as needed.

The finish on the metal is a gray paint that gives the manufacturing rolling carts a stark profile and a crisp look. The selected wheels are the sort built to last using hard materials that will glide over a workshop floor. The end product turned out great and performed incredibly well. They will be a useful set of tools for our client and should last through many years of hard work in their factory.

If you are interested in creating a piece of custom metalwork with our team, contact us! We love working on different kinds of projects from architectural design elements to practical tools like these rolling carts. Let’s see what we can create for you!