Custom Commercial Wrought Iron Window Frames in Chicago


Windows are one of the most amazing pieces of modern architecture. In the history of construction we have moved from small windows with thick glass to windows that can take up an entire wall. Windows and their design can change how we interact with a space and with the world around us.
If eyes are the windows into a person’s soul, windows are certainly the eyes of a building. There are so many creative options to design frames for glass based on new styles of metal work and the sky is truly the limit. People have been making beautiful windows for centuries, and we can make sleek and modern windows for you today.
At this office building in the Chicago Loop they wanted to transform a plain space into one that is welcoming and relaxing. Our role in this project was to create the custom metal frame that another artisan would then fit glass into. We built our frames from wrought iron with a clear coat finish that would allow the metal to show itself to the best extent. The final product is a functional piece of artwork and it was our structure that holds it all together.
Entry ways and office fronts are one of the most important parts of a physical location. It sets the tone for the rest of the experience in the building. A place that brings people in and invites them to stay gives them more time to interact with you and your business. It is time they want to spend with you.
This space speaks to the city it is built within, a mix of style and industrial design. Whether this building is a doctor’s office, an architectural firm, deals with law, or any number of nonprofits it now has an inviting place to wait between the combination of artistic interior design and other choices to accent the space.
The use of the different sized panes was a way to give what could have been a single piece of sheet glass a lot more character. It transformed the space into something with a sense of openness, but also some privacy, since some of the panes were chosen to be more opaque. By working in concert with multiple craftsmen and craftswomen, this office was able to create a feature that spoke to the business and projects they create inside.
Window frames do not need to be think and intrusive. The idea of the wrought iron and other metallic window frames comes out of the metal working days of the middle of the twentieth century. While iron works were used in making frames for windows and doors before that time, but during more recent decades it has been used to perfection. There is inspiration everywhere for glass and metal front windows that can display products or to frame an entryway to welcome customers. Little details can add up and we can help you envision how these custom metal project can add to your business or even your home!