Art Deco wrought iron table frame furniture


We love when customers bring us creative opportunities to make something functional and beautiful to decorate their home with. A customer had a gorgeous piece of granite and they asked us to create a table base to frame it for their entry way. They wanted to incorporate the elements of tree branches, but without making it too busy or kitschy. We designed a beautiful wrought iron piece in the Art Deco style with the elegant shapes of branches minimally forming the table legs and we clear coated the final piece to let the natural finish of the metal shine through. The base suited the granite top beautifully and the final piece nestled perfectly in its intended space within the customer’s home, who in turn was very pleased with the results. Do you have a beautiful piece of stone and a great idea how to best showcase it with a functional piece? Give our designers a call and we’ll turn your sketches into pieces you’d be proud to show off to your guests.