Custom wrought iron railings for your home & business

Modern Custom wrought iron railings for your home & business

Whether it’s a home or business – a custom wrought iron railing does not have to simply offer function - it can truly transform your entire space! Even if you just have a rough idea of what you are looking for – with our over four decades of experience – we can guide your vision – your dream – to become reality.

Modern Custom wrought iron railings for your home & business Design Gallery

Custom wrought iron railings modern painted satin black full side view

Modern wrought iron railings painted satin black in Racine

A homeowner in Racine, WI reached out to the experts at Signature Metal Works to update the staircase railings in their home and feature the geometric shapes inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture in the vertical bars of the finished…
Custom wrought iron & wood & cable railings modern painted satin black outside stairs

Modern wrought iron & wood & cable railings painted satin black in Chicago

Inspired by a design they liked on the SMW website a customer in Old Town neighborhood of Chicago requested a customized version of a wrought iron, cable and wood railing structure for their back porch.
Custom wrought iron & concrete stairs modern painted satin black with poured cement steps

Modern wrought iron & concrete stairs painted satin black in Chicago

A customer in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago reached out to SMW to replace the staircase at the entrance of their home, but keep the existing railings and only freshen them up with a new coat of primer and paint.
Custom wrought iron and wood railings modern painted satin black in Chicago main view

Modern wrought iron / wood railings painted satin black in Lincolnwood

A customer in the bustling city of Lincolnwood, just a few miles outside of Chicago, reached out to create a custom wrought iron railing for the staircase in their home.
Custom wrought iron railing painted silver bottom

Modern wrought iron railing painted silver in North Barrington

As part of a home remodeling project of their lakefront home in the North Barrington area, a customer reached out to us for a railing solution which would fit in with their open floor concept design.
custom residential railing

A River Forest railing to last the next 5 decades

We recently had a family reach out to us from River Forest to design a beautiful modern railing for their home. Their existing railing was fabricated over 5 decades before and it was time for a fresh start. The challenge…

Modern Railing in Chicago for Open Stairs

We often get emails from clients that are modernizing their condos or commercial properties and are looking for a solution that makes sense within their budget. We spoke to this client from Lakeview in Chicago on several occasions and his…
Custom railing in Deerfield, IL

Deerfield Exterior Round Bar Railing

We recently had a customer call us about redoing his railing at his home in Deerfield. We came in and removed all the existing metal and once the concrete was set we came in and installed a custom design for…

A custom metal railing doesn’t have to be boring. You can use this functional element in your home to express your style – your imagination – your spirit! Even if you see a design that we have already done – we can modify it specifically for you. Whether it’s just the color choice or even overall design – we are here to make sure you get the product you are envisioning. At the same time we make sure to inform you if we have any concerns with building codes or anything else to make you aware. At the same time we offer a wide array of finish applications from durable high quality paint to powder coating – all depends on your need and application. We work with general contractors, home and business owners every single day and we know that the requirements maybe different but in the end we provide a finished custom metal railing that exceeds their expectations every time. We also do work with different materials such as wood in case you are interested in a wood top – we can prep the railing for one. We also make sure that all of our projects comply with city building codes. Have a question about a particular custom railing design? Simply give us a call today or schedule an appointment to come into the shop! From conceptualization, design, fabrication to even installation – we are here for you every step of the way!