Modern Railing in Chicago for Open Stairs


We often get emails from clients that are modernizing their condos or commercial properties and are looking for a solution that makes sense within their budget. We spoke to this client from Lakeview in Chicago on several occasions and his goal was to open up the area more while at the same time he wanted to modernize the railing on the top stairs. He was thinking of doing a complete stars in metal but we want over the variety of costs and it didn’t seem to make sense in this application.

He decided to opening the risers of the wooden stairs and attaching a horizontal rail on the stringer. We discusses several modern options to see what would work and we showed him some examples of previous work and we settled on a combination of a few other projects we had done in the past to stay within budget. As always we do our best and understand that budgets are always at play and we need to be conscious of them while at the same time providing safety and art to ever single project.

The measurement to fabrication followed by installation took roughly 4 weeks as there were several railings and a few tricky situations as we had to make the sections into smaller pieces as they would not fit going up onto the third floor of this condo property. We ended up breaking the railing into smaller sections and then put them together on location. Installation took roughly 4+ hours as we double and triple check all the work to ensure the railing will be secure and in place for many years to come.

In general we try to often offer designs that are future proof or something that will last decades to come and will not hinder the design aesthetic of the property many years to come if the property owner is ready to sell.

If you ever have a question about a particular custom metal railing or are interested in one for your home – please give us a call. Whether it’s simply advice on materials or anything you may need – our team of 4 generation experts will be able to help you solve any problem you may come across.