History and function have left their marks on the architecture of many of suburbs in the Chicagoland area, though the modern touch is often found throughout the residential and commercial spaces. Check out some of the recent projects we have completed in Northbrook! Have a question about a particular one? Give us a call!

Custom wrought iron handrails minimalist painteed cream stairs one

Minimalist wrought iron handrails painted cream in Northbrook

A customer in Northbrook, IL reached out to the experts at Signature Metal Works to create and install three sets of custom wrought iron handrails in the minimalist style for the entryways to their home.
Custom wrought iron railing painted multi colored

Commercial wrought iron railing painted silver and red in Northbrook

A large commercial property, Optics Planet, had reached out to us for an ADA compliant railing and handrail solution to their business entryway that would be functional, but also visually matching the look and feel of the business itself.
Custom urban modern wrought iron vertical bar railings painted satin black for a client in Northbrook

Urban Modern vertical bar wrought iron railings in Northbrook

A custom wrought iron Urban Modern style interior railing painted satin black using vertical bar elements for a residential property in Northbrook.
Custom urban modern wrought iron commercial stairs painted multi colored for a client in Northbrook

Urban Modern commercial wrought iron straight with landing stairs in Northbrook

A company in Northbrook reached out to us as to build a modern staircase to reach the mezzanine area that was two tone with polished concrete treads.
Custom industrial wrought iron canopy painted red for a client in Northbrook

Industrial wrought iron commercial canopy in Northbrook

A custom wrought iron Industrial style canopy, spider style legs and flag poles painted multiple colors to help a commercial property in Northbrook standout amongst the others. This was a fairly complicated project because of the installation and sheer size…
parapet wall railing extension

Renaissance Hotel Roof Patio Railing in Northbrook

A hotel in Northbrook recently reached out to us as they wanted to convert their roof into a space that they could rent out for weddings or any kind of special events but to do so they would need to…
Custom industrial wrought iron signage cold-galvanized gray for a client in Northbrook

Industrial wrought iron commercial signage in Northbrook

A custom wrought iron Industrial style structural frame canopy cold galvanized gray for a nationwide insurance store front property in Northbrook. Later on they will use perforated metal and painted in multiple color styles - this is just the frame…

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