Renaissance Hotel Roof Patio Railing in Northbrook


A hotel in Northbrook recently reached out to us as they wanted to convert their roof into a space that they could rent out for weddings or any kind of special events but to do so they would need to make the area up to code by utilizing proper height railings and their current ones were made of brick and too short.

We started out the quote by getting some information from their designers/engineers to get a better understanding of the complexity of this commercial job to properly be able to quote. We were given the lengths and the design and from that we were able to provide rough estimates for them to properly budget for. We also provided shop drawings once all the paperwork was signed to show exactly how the finished sections would be fabricated and bolted. Their biggest concern was maintenance and they wanted something that would last a very long time. This particular time the budget and timelines did not allow a powder coating solution but we did use a high quality paint finish and provided specs on the type of paint to utilize and how often. This also reduced the fabrication cost as with powder coating we are limited to the type of fabrication we can utilize as everything has to then be connected with bolts instead of welding together.
The fabrication process took roughly 3 weeks to get all the sections ready followed by two high quality coats of paint to ensure durability. Drying process took roughly a week and their biggest concern was how the connection on the brick would hold this final product.
On the day of the installation we came out to install and noticed a situation developing that we had to find a way to resolve quickly. The bricks that we were to attach this custom commercial railing to simply could not handle the load and were crumbling every time we would drill in to set our anchors. We had to go back to the drawing boards and do a quick change.
We consulted with their engineers again in modifying the sections to have additional anchor bolts while at the same time connecting all the sections together to provide additional structural support for the final product. To add on we also recommended installing the product on the exterior of the roof as that would provide more event space and would refrain from people trying to pull on it.
The final solution was a success. It was a challenge but that is one of the reasons we are one of the best fabrication facilities in the area. We not only fabricate but install and problem solve any situation.
In the end everything was done on time – and the happy couple that was scheduled to have their wedding on the roof of this fantastic hotel had their dreams turn to reality.

What do you think of this simple yet modern solution?