Industrial open riser wrought iron straight with landing stairs in Champaign


A client in the bustling city of Champaign in southern Illinois reached out to us to design a custom wrought iron ADA compliant staircase for their commercial building. The final piece was needed as soon as possible and would be for a high traffic area in the back of the building. We designed the staircase with bar grating treads to ensure stability and security through any kind of weather and added plenty of support for the entire structure from the ground leading up to a mezzanine area. The final piece was painted gray to blend in with the overall look of the building and provide a protective finish to the structure. We had also done extensive research to ensure that we followed all the ADA rules provided by the city so that the final structure was completely up to code. If you like this piece and would like to add something similar to your commercial space, give us a call today!