Custom Exterior Railing in Lafayette Indiana


We recently had a customer reach out to us to create a custom metal element that would match their front door entrance. After some trial and error we really looked at some options and came up with a beautiful element to add to an exterior porch railing. We love the outcome and the customer loved it so much they gave us a hug! We love when clients ask us to create artistic metal work – whether it be for their railing or balcony or whatever it can be. We do have stock elements available but we truly love making custom metal work because every customer is unique and has a different style and we are here to cater to that taste. We are your leading Chicago metal fabricators! Give us a call next time your looking for a custom railing for your home or commercial property. We are available 24/7. Feel free to call us or email us exactly what you are looking for and we will do our very best to make your dreams reality.
This is the inspiration that the customer wanted us to use that was on their current exterior doorway. They wanted something that matched but didn’t have to be exact yet also matched the style of the rest of the exterior. This is the design we agreed on with the customer and were able to fabricate in our shop before it was painted with our high quality primer and paint. side view of the railing for the steps that we attached the custom element to to match the door design. Side view of the railing for the porch area with the custom designed metal element.