French Country scroll wrought iron railings in Glencoe


A client in Glencoe had just put in a brand new custom wooden staircase as part of the remodel of their home and reached out to us to create a custom railing to transform the look of the space. The home was over a century old and they wanted a little bit of that history to be reflected in the railing, while still retaining a nuance of modernism.
They didn’t really have a firm idea of what they wanted, so before getting started we came out to measure the stairs and make note of any slight variations in the floor and walls to make sure we accommodated for them during the design and fabrication processes. Once we had the schematics down, we sat down with the client and went over various design elements and color options with them. We wanted to ensure that the final installation would showcase their style and add elegance to the space. They settled on a number of intricate scroll elements in a French Country style, and we were able to incorporate these delicate pieces into the final design. The complexity of this custom railing took a bit longer to fabricate, but we made sure to keep the client up to date throughout the process with photos of how the piece was coming along. After the fabrication was completed, we again sent a set of photos for the client to review and then began the priming stage of the metal. We make sure that all metal we fabricate is primed with an oil based primer, to enhance the durability of the piece, and finish off the railing with a topcoat of paint selected by the client. The client wanted to incorporate a combination of gold and black tones, so we painted the entire custom railing black and then brushed on gold accents to make the final piece pop. It took us about a week to get the perfect effect with the paint job, and the final installation was all done in less than a day. Most of our installations are done fairly quickly as we take great pains to ensure that everything is meticulously measured, so that we can simply set the railing in and drill it into place.

We also fabricated a custom handrail to match with the motif of the home and the railing. The staircase looked amazing in the end and the client absolutely loved it. We were excited for the opportunity to work on this custom railing and we believe that this railing will adorn this home for at least another century to come!
If you’re ever in the market for transforming your home into something amazing with custom metal – give us a call. We love to fabricate custom interior railings and stairs for clients all over the country.