Contemporary folded wrought iron straight stairs in Logan Square


We had a client reach out to us looking for contemporary metal folded stairs for his home in Chicago. An architect designing a home for himself, the client wanted something minimal yet functional, with wooden steps. He also wanted to incorporate a glass wall as a type of guard or barricade for safety. We showed him some samples of our past work to give him some ideas of what we could do, and he brought us a few other designs he found online. Taking all the inspiration images into account, we were able to draft up a custom design that the client loved. Once the contract was signed, we came in to take final measurements of the opening the custom stairs would be going into. The rest of the home was being remodeled at the same time as the stairs, so the handrail project had to wait, but we made use of that time to determine exactly what was needed and to manufacture it so that it’d be ready to go. The client had decided to install floor to ceiling glass instead of adding railings, so our job was to fabricate and install the custom wrought iron folded stairs once the glass was in, as well as a handrail on the walls. The custom stairs were ready to be installed in the home within two weeks!

The custom stairs were fabricated in the shop, taken apart into smaller pieces, and then welded together on site. The entire installation process took roughly 2 days due to the complexity. The client wanted their painters to paint everything, including the stairs to match, so we ensured that all the pieces were primed and ready for the painted finish. We worked with the other contractors to coordinate the installation and installed the pipe railing after the glass was in place. We also prepped the steps for the wood threads that the client’s carpenter would install, and all together the work came out absolutely stunning.

Next time you’re looking for a high quality metal fabricator in the Chicagoland area to design and create a set of custom stairs or a custom railing, give us a call! We offer cable railing as well as a wide variety of colors to offer!