A beautiful, clean finish to any project. Popular option for outdoor industrial pieces, it's a great way to add light and continue an architectural element of a building.

Modern aluminum awnings powder coated white in Arlington Heights

Modern aluminum awnings powder coated white in Arlington Heights

A customer in Arlington Heights, IL had reached out to SMW because they were looking to add a custom wrought iron awning above their backyard entrance door that would match the wrought iron railing they had in place.
Custom wrought iron commercial roof access painted satin black side

Custom industrial wrought iron painted commercial roof access in Chicago

We had several clients reach out to us to fabricate custom access ladders with a guard or cage around them to ensure the safety of the people climbing on them.
Custom contemporary wrought iron folded stairs painted white for a client in Logan Square

Contemporary folded wrought iron straight stairs in Logan Square

An architect was designing a home for himself and he wanted something minimal yet functional with wood steps. He used a glass wall as a type of guard or barricade for safety.
Custom minimalist aluminum flat handrails powder coated white for a client in Bucktown

Minimalist flat handrail in Bucktown

A custom Minimalist style handrail powder coated white for a residential property in Bucktown, Chicago. The client wanted the rail to be functional yet minimal and blend in with the staircase.
Custom railing in Deerfield, IL

Deerfield Exterior Round Bar Railing

We recently had a customer call us about redoing his railing at his home in Deerfield. We came in and removed all the existing metal and once the concrete was set we came in and installed a custom design for…