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Powder coated wrought iron railing for a vintage home in Evanston

custom exterior Evanston rail
Every house has character, and this vintage home in Evanston, Illinois had it in spades! The design of the entryway and the surrounding area gave us a remarkable opportunity to build something long lasting and just as iconic!

Project Specs

  • Project Type: Front porch railing
  • Finish: Powder coated
  • Metal: Wrought Iron
  • Location: Evanston, IL

Vintage homes always have an extra layer than completely new construction. They take on the character of the people who live and have lived there, as well as taking on the personality of the surrounding community. As communities grow and change it’s fascinating to see how the facades of buildings have changed over time. When we were contacted to create custom metalwork railings for this home, we knew we wanted to invoke the past.
custom wrought iron Evanston railing
The design of stair railings has a long and storied history. Different designs from simple balusters and newel posts gave way to more complex designs during more extravagant eras only to cycle back around to the clean simplicity of many modern designs. Since this is a house in the twenty-first century we wanted to combine the era of its original design with some modern sensibilities. That is one of the beauties of metalwork and using both old and new materials. Working with metal goes back to the Bronze Age, but our materials are even longer lasting today.
exterior Evanston railing
The materials used really make any project. Wrought iron steel is a very sturdy metal to work with and it’s able to be formed into a variety of shapes and be manipulated into different designs. For these handrails we went for sleek on top, a soft ridged curving railing, with more elaborate balusters. On each baluster we added a diamond polygon which invokes the edges that are already present in the building. This lets the new handrail look like it always belonged. The alternating pattern draws the eye, creating a different pattern depending on how the railing is being viewed.
wrought iron custom railing in Evanston
The railings are finished with a black powder coat which gives it a glossy look. Gloss and shine was important to the era this vintage home was built in. It invokes a past area of shine and glamor, much like the rest of the building’s front facade. Once the railings were installed it was easy to step back and take in the whole front. The railings blended in as though they were original to the space.

Do you have a vintage home that needs custom metalwork handrails or other metal accents? Let us know, we’d be happy to put our skill and knowledge to work for you in creating something unique that will last the life of your vintage home or other property! Whatever question you may have if it has to do with design, fabrication or installation – give us a call! We are your leading Chicagoland metal fabrication shop.

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