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Fire Escape Replacement Treads

We recently had a client reach out to us to fabricate fire escape replacement treads for an emergency fire escape. In the city of Chicago they are all standard and we decided to fabricate some for the client as well as make a template for ourselves for any clients that may be interested. We can fabricate as many treads as you need and everything is done by hand and inspected to ensure that it meets all city codes. These steps are the same all over the US and if you have a fire escape with a broken step or tread and need a replacement tread – give us a call and we can quickly provide you with an estimate.

Chicago Fire Escape Replacement Tread Chicago Fire Escape Threads

Next time your looking for a custom metal fabricator in the Chicagoland are to fabricate custom wrought iron railings, custom metal stairs and much more – give us a call for a quote. All of our work is hand made and is thoroughly inspected. We have over 3 decades of experience in the escape replacement steps fabrication fire escape replacement treads fire escape treads

Check out the video we created going over the entire process. We first cut and prefab all the pieces and then simply assemble them – weld them all in place and they are complete for pickup or shipping to anywhere around the country!

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