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Custom Juliet Balcony in Lincolnshire

We had a client reach out to us from Lincolnshire that was looking to get a custom Juliet balcony for her home. She had a set of French doors that opened outdoors but due to the drop off as you open the doors she wanted some kind of protection to ensure her family or kids would not open the door and simply fall out. We discussed a few design options that would work for her application and we asked her for the rough length of the opening. We prepped a contract for her to sign and we began the metal fabrication process. She explained that she did not want a base and we found railing elements that went with the design she was looking for and began the prefabrication process.



We prepped all the vertical elements, followed by the frame and then followed that by welding everything together including all the brackets. We then used high quality spray paint primer to cover the entire custom balcony and then added a top coat of black paint. We let it set and dry and it was ready to install. The client loved the final outcome and is now excited about possibly doing a custom gate or something else. We love fabricating a variety of custom balconies and awnings for clients. The benefits of a Juliet balcony is that typically you don’t need the same kind of supports and structural elements as you would need with a regular balcony that has a base and thus it lowers the cost and still adds a custom feel to your home. Feel free to give us a call next time your looking for any custom wrought iron or aluminum project such as this custom Juliet balcony.

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