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ADA exterior pipe railing primed for commercial townhomes

commercial custom primed ada railings

First impression can make all of the difference, especially when choosing a place to live. These townhomes in the N/W Suburbs of Chicago called upon our services to help craft ADA compliant railings to accent their buildings and become a part of the place where people would make their homes.

Project Specs

  • Project Type: ADA pipe railing
  • Finish: Primed
  • Metal: Wrought Iron
  • Location: Chicago, IL

When planning a design with our clients, we look at what feel their buildings seek to elicit and what sorts of colors and designs will fit seamlessly with the project. We listen to their opinions and then use our expert design skills to come up with something that fits the bill. These railings made use of a boxy modern design with a reddish tone to match the brick designs of the townhomes themselves.

The material is wrought iron finished with a primer that matches across the several handrails and other safety railings we created for this complex. The square design contrasts with the round bars that create a modern look. They are seamless in their form and function.
custom ada pipe railings
Often, handrails and safety rails aren’t noticed. They become ubiquitous in our lives and sometimes it’s easy to look past the craftsmanship. Next time you walk around the city or even around your own residential area, take a look at the little details that keep us safe on a day to day basis. A custom handrail can keep us safe on a set of stairs, or assist a disabled individual to safely move across an area. Other railings can draw the eye to hazards, such as a sewer grate or drain. Just because these objects serve a simple function, does not mean that they are not important aspects to the overall architecture.
suburban custom primed pipe railing
These wrought iron railings were a delight to design and look great installed onto the premises. Through the enduring materials and finishes they will be part of these properties for decades. These objects will bear witness to the comings and goings of residents and guests, a metallic helping hand to get up and down the stairs and ramps. A subtle guide of where to walk.

Next time you are out, it’s a lot of fun to keep a look out for the simple aspects of design that are in our everyday lives. If you are interested in adding some flare or function to your own property or space, contact us. We are here to help and have over a decade of experience in the industry as the leading Chicago metal fabricators.

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