Window Well Covers in Glenview


We often have customers call us to fabricate window well covers as it is very difficult to find ones that fit perfectly pre-made. It’s often much easier and the result looks much better, to have us create custom covers to fit your particular space perfectly. Every well is slightly different once the concrete is poured so getting a custom window well guard really is a must.

A client in Glenview wanted us to fabricate several different solutions for their residential property. They wanted a simple one to just cover up the area for one, and for the other they wanted something a bit more elaborate. They were looking to incorporate function by adding a hatch with stairs going down to the opening instead of just a plain cover. Most cities require an escape route for any basement spaces with windows, so adding at least one hatch to provide a way out in case of a fire is absolutely essential.

We typically utilize wrought iron that has been painted with two coats – the first one a zinc primer and the second a black oil based top coat to ensure the product wears well. Some clients also pick a powder coated solution as that creates a longer lasting product that requires no maintenance.

If you’re ever rehabbing or constructing a new home – please make sure you have someone fabricate custom window well covers for you. If you do get pre-made ones, please ensure that your concrete pourers know the exact measurements. Also, don’t forget to check with your city on building regulations regarding utilizing a hatch with a ladder and any spacing needed to make sure the property passes all inspections. If you have any questions or would like our team to create something custom for you, give us a call today!