Modern cable railing for a Wilmette home


A set of stairs in the home is a focal point. Many buildings with a modern design seek to integrate both the natural and the industrial. Both wood and metalworks can invoke different feelings when accompanying one another in a home. The simple beauty of nature and the simple beauty of design side by side can create an elegance in a home.
We designed this wrought iron and stainless steel cable railing for a home in Wilmette, Illinois. The homeowner was seeking to liven up their space and give it a more modern look by replacing the old handrail with a new one. We put our heads together and designed this beautiful handrail to become a centerpiece of this crisp, clean space.
The black, satin finish stands out against the white paint and light wood of the steps making the railing stark and unable to be missed. This is both an important feature of the design. It both makes a statement, and makes sure that someone on the stairs doesn’t take a tumble. The steel cables create another element as well, creating an extra layer of safety so that small pets or small children cannot go under the double layered handrail. Beyond that, it gives it a futuristic edge that will go along with the life of the house as it continues through the twenty-first century.
Black is always a classic color for many aspects of a home. It can create a pop of accent, but also can be a focal point for other home design choices. For example, if the homeowner ever decided on a new coat of paint or additional accents, the black and steel will always fit. The handrail can even act as an inspiration for those additional interior design moments. Perhaps a perfect light fixture or wall sculpture could add even more interest to such an important corridor within the home.
Something to consider when thinking about modern design features is the idea of contrast. Bold juxtapositions of materials and shapes can turn something as simple as a stairwell into a piece of interesting architecture. When we work on a design for a home we always sit down with the homeowner to hear what their vision is for a space. What is the goal? Form, function, both? What sort of statement, if any, do they want their custom metalwork to make?
If you are ready to take the plunge and get a custom metalwork accent for your home or business, please contact us. We look forward to putting your ideas to work with our own to create something unique that will last the test of time!