Urban Modern horizontal bar wrought iron railings in Arlington Heights home


A custom wrought iron Urban Modern style interior railing painted silver using horizontal bar elements for a residential property in Arlington Heights.

Making the choice to do home renovation is often an involved process. Not only do you have to decide what to change, you have to find the right craftspeople to create what you need if it doesn’t already exist. Sometimes you know that a change is needed, but aren’t sure where to begin. If you are looking to use metalwork in your home, we can help you.
The owners of this home in Arlington Heights chose us to replace a fifty year old railing on the stairs in the central part of their house. These stairs were the heart of their home, something that could be seen when they walked in the door, when they rested in their living room. It was also a central conduit of travel from bedrooms upstairs and the rest of the living spaces. The old railing was a product of its time and the homeowner decided they wanted a fresher look fitting for the twenty-first century.
This custom steel railing was built using wrought iron and two styles of tubing, 1 1/2 inch square and 3/4 inch square tubing. This gave it a geometric look with the larger squares serving as the function and the smaller squares serving as the flair. It’s always really exciting to mix an industrial look with the natural, so the silver/metallic finish really made it pop against the wooden floors and stair steps. The secondary banister that leads into the lower level rooms was less complex than the upstairs central design, but no less modern and exciting. With a dramatic angle, the downstairs handrail points in the direction of travel sweeping the residents down or up throughout their home. This change brought new life to this older home and has become a centerpiece of its style.
In just a few weeks’ time, this family was able to transform their home from the past into the future. By using a long-lasting metal they have something that will improve the quality of their home and only become a more endearing fixture over the years. As we’ve mentioned in other articles, the stairwell is often the heart of the home. We go up and down stairs everyday of our lives if we live in multi-level homes and our handrails become part of the experience. We’re proud of our work and we know that our clients are proud to have our work in their homes and a part of their lives.
If you are ready to transform your home using custom metal fabrication, please contact us! We work with a variety of metals and can find a look and finish that is perfect for your home. If you are looking to transform your commercial business, we can help with that too. Our craft is at the heart of our business and we would like to take those metalcrafts and help improve the heart of your home.