Urban Modern cable wrought iron railings in Old Town


A custom wrought iron Urban Modern style interior railing painted multi colored using cable elements for a residential property in Old town, Chicago. The client initially wanted to use a wood top but liked our idea of painting the top copper.
A client in the Old Town neighborhood of Chicago reached out to us because they just put in a beautiful custom wooden stairs and needed a custom railing to showcase it in their new beautiful commercial/residential space. They were transforming this loft type of space for their renters who were interior decorators and they wanted something truly amazing. They initially debated on glass or something else and in the end we showcased a beautiful design we wanted to focus on and they fell in love with it.
We got a deposit and came out to do a inspection of the custom stairs and take measurement. The other criteria they had was that they wanted the railing to side mount instead of directly on the steps or treads. We don’t often do this and this requires more complexity for installation but we made sure it was possible.
We began the fabrication process and sent photos throughout to make sure the client understood what they are getting before we come out to install. We also had a genius idea of painting the top of the handrail a particular type of brown to mimic wood while the remainder of the railing a dark silver and a bright. The finish was a bit tricky but we pulled it off flawlessly. The client loves it and is constantly getting praise for such a beautiful railing.
Fabrication for this cable railing took roughly 2 weeks and installation took a full day due to the intricate mounting. This is one of the few cable railings we have recently done and we will be doing more of. They are sleek and modern and we love the final look!
If you’re ever in the market for transforming your business or home railing give us a call. You will be shocked at how much of a difference it can make. We love providing functionality mixed with art. The marriage of the two is often overlooked in construction and modification of homes and businesses. We specialize in fabrication of custom interior railing and stairs such as this one.