Custom Residential Railing in Barrington


A customer had reached out to us recently for help replacing their existing railing. We started out by asking them to send us some design ideas for different railing pickets they were interested in based on what they saw in our gallery or elsewhere. Because the pickets were pretty standard, we were able to find the exact ones from our distributor and simply modify them to fit their particular specifications and finally to fabricate a beautiful railing out of them. We also asked the customer to remove the existing railing and prep the space for a new design before we got started.

We came out to the job site and took all the measurements and made note of all the angles to ensure that once we arrived to install the custom railing, it would go in smoothly with no issues. We typically use a variety of tools that use lasers and other measuring techniques to ensure that the angle is always accurate. This particular client selected a couple different pickets they liked and we priced each design out for them. The pictures here show the final product.

This custom wrought iron railing was installed at a home in Barrington, IL. We have a 75 mile radius from the Chicago area to where we can fabricate and do the installation in. We can also ship custom made railings anywhere in the country, as long as the proper measurements are taken. Next time you’re looking for a Chicago metal fabricator to come out to your area and fabricate any kind of custom metal work – please give us a call to schedule an appointment today!