Industrial wrought iron commercial vertical garden frame in Loop


A client in the busy downtown Loop area of Chicago had reached out to us to design a custom wrought iron frame for a green wall on the side of their commercial property. They wanted to cover up all the AC units and other unsightly elements on the roof with plants and other greenery, which would also provide a layer of natural insulation to the building, making it easier to keep cool in the summer. We designed an industrial style structure with vertical elements and finished it off with a hot dip galvanized gray finish to ensure that it would endure the drastic changes in weather common to Chicago, as well as the additional moisture that a wall of plants would introduce to the structure. The client was very happy with the finished piece and we’re excited to see it once it’s been filled up with greenery and is in full glory. If you have an idea for an eco-friendly and beautiful solution to your commercial space, give our designers a call and we’ll make your vision a reality.