Industrial wrought iron commercial spiral staircase in Elmhurst


We recently received a call from a commercial client in Elmhurst looking for us to modify their existing steel spiral staircase with a landing. The Elmhurst Park District wanted us to remove the pipe railing at the landing on top of their structure and to add a staircase to go to the roof from the landing, while matching the same style. They wanted this extension added so that their employees could get to the green roof safely. We spent some time taking measurements to see if this would be feasible and came up with a simple yet elegant solution that solved the client’s problem while keeping the staircase safe and secure.

We removed the existing commercial pipe railing around the landing and cleaned everything to make space ready for the new installation. We added a similar railing to the area that was going to be open for safety, and bolted the spiral stairs into the concrete support and the existing landing. We prefabricated all the custom wrought iron pieces in our shop and then simply welded and bolted everything together. The finished installation was then painted a classic satin black. When a client provides us with specifications or requirements, we follow them to the letter, but we make sure to make recommendations if we can find ways to make the railing or staircase even safer to ensure there are no future complications down the road.

Installation of the custom spiral stairs and removal of existing railing was all done in one day, and the client loved the result. We strive for perfection and quality with every client and project to ensure a long-term relationship – whether they work with us again or not. Next time your company is looking into installing and or fabricating a commercial custom staircase, or if you need ready-made treads for your fire escape – give us a call. We are one of the leading steel commercial fabricators and installers.