Contemporary wrought iron handrail painted silver in Chicago


A homeowner in the Boystown neighborhood of Chicago was looking to remodel their home and incorporate sleek and contemporary handrails for two of their interior staircases. For the staircase leading down to the basement we designed a wrought iron square rail with rounded edges and painted the final product with a matte silver finish to handle a lot of use. The finish will hide any fingerprints or smudges and retain a clean look for many years to come, all with a sleek and modern look that compliments the home perfectly. For the staircase leading to the second floor we created a handrail with the same shape, but painted it black to better match the different decor of the space. We love the flexibility of design that wrought iron affords and can create looks that are anything from traditional to contemporary, to everything in between. If you’re thinking of incorporating some functional elements into your home remodel, please reach out to one of our designers to discuss your vision.