Art Deco spider web wrought iron window guards in Chinatown


This was one of the most fun custom pieces we’ve had the privilege to design. A customer reached out to us looking to create a custom wrought iron window guard for their commercial property in the Chinatown neighborhood of Chicago. The customer owned a leading production house in Chicago, which films the majority of TV shows set in Chicago, and the piece was originally supposed to be just a set of simple security guards for the windows, but they came to our offices around Halloween and we were inspired to create something a bit more interesting. They loved our idea of incorporating the Art Deco stylized spider web pattern into the final design and we went to work. The final pieces ensured that their space would be safe, while adding a decorative element to their office. If you have an idea for a functional piece for your commercial space, but aren’t sure exactly what you’d like, let our designers come up with some amazing ideas that will be absolutely perfect for you. Give us a call today!