Industrial wrought iron commercial entryway in Navy Pier


We recently had Giordano’s in Navy Pier reach out to us looking for custom window frames, a complete steel entryway with canopy for the restaurant entrance, as well as a service door for employees and deliveries to come through. We met with the general contractor and the owner of this new location to discuss the options and went with custom wrought iron Industrial style solutions. We had a very tight deadline as they had already set the opening date, and we made it happen! We reviewed all the drawings and all the specifications to ensure that everyone was on the same page and fabrication took several weeks to ensure everything was perfect. The entryway on its own was massive and extremely heavy because everything was made out of wrought iron steel, but this also ensured that the result was extremely durable. We had everything primed and painted black and we were proud to be part of history when we saw it completed and installed.

The Navy pier landscape does not change very often and once this brand new establishment came in, they had thousands of people walk through their doors within the first week. The GC and the owners of this location knew that they could trust us and rely on us to ensure that everything was perfect. After all – perfection is what we try to achieve – regardless of how big or small the job may be. Next time your company is looking for a leading metal fabrication company – give us a call! Whether it’s structural steel for your new Chicago area restaurant, or possible custom table bases, countertops or chairs, our boutique fabrication facility is adept for most situations. We continue to grow with every project that we have the opportunity to put our hands on. We are your leading Chicagoland metal fabrication and installation facility. From design to installation – we are there with you every step of the way!