Custom Commercial Roof Access Ladders


The Arlington Heights School District reached out to us for a project to fabricate access ladders for their roofs. We came out to the location, examined the area, took measurements and began the fabrication process of the custom galvanized roof access ladders. Throughout the entire fabrication process we sent the school pictures of the progress so they knew exactly what they’d get every step of the way. Once fabrication was complete – because this steel would be exposed to the outdoors – the school had asked us to galvanize this material. We were happy to accommodate the request and once the material was galvanized, we came out and installed all the roof access ladders.

Please note that once a product has been galvanized, we would never consider putting powder coating on top. There are companies that do this but we have never had a good experience with the outcome and typically do not combine the two process. We strictly recommend either one or the other.

Next time you’re looking for custom roof access ladders – or any other commercial metal work – give us a call. We have had clients reach out to us looking for roof access ladders with a cage to ensure that users are protected while they are climbing at high altitudes, so reach out to us for options! We are your leading Chicago metal fabricators and are here to help you with any metalwork project.