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Elmhurst Custom commercial metal design, fabrication & installation

We have over 90% retention rate with our contractors! We know that custom commercial metal projects in the Chicagoland area can be complicated and our experienced team will walk with you every step of the way!

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Custom industrial wrought iron spiral staircase painted satin black for a client in Elmhurst

Industrial wrought iron commercial spiral staircase in Elmhurst

A custom wrought iron Industrial style spiral staircase with landing painted satin black for the Elmhurst Park District in Elmhurst. The idea of this extension was for employees to be able to get to the green roof safely.

Completing a commercial project in the Chicagoland area can often be a complicated task - YET our team plans for every occasion! We know that with the Chicago weather and special situations arise all the time yet this does not phase us at all! This is why contractors hire us over and over again! We plan and problem solve every single day! It happens when blueprints don't completly match up to onsite - not a problem! We will go on location and double check the measurements and remove as many potential issues as possible. Once the fabrication process starts - it's based on measurements we have taken and you can trust that they will fit. We are not a union metal fabrication shop. A lot of commercial properties are serviced by union only companies and in the past we simply provide the final product and they install it. Have a question or working on a large quote? Give us a chance! With over four decades of experience we are ready for any challenge!