Outdoor sidewalk railing

A great option for a restaurant or a cafe that wants to set up a seasonal patio for their guests, complete with flower boxes if needed. Looks beautiful and is easily packed up and stored away when the season is over. We can custom design these to better align with your aesthetic.

Custom wrought iron railing painted custom color colectivo

Urban modern wrought iron railing painted custom color in Chicago

We have done a number of different projects for the popular coffee and restaurant chain Colectivo around the Chicago area so we were thrilled when they reached out with a request to design a railing piece for the outdoor patio…
custom exterior floral boxes with railing

Le Pain Quotidien restaurant outdoor sidewalk railing with flower boxes

Street front restaurants are a staple of any big city. They become gathering places where people from different walks of life enjoy the atmosphere of a busy downtown or a sleep small town main street.