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Window well covers with hatch and waved outdoor railing for a home in Barrington

custom wrought iron well cover

Each home offers a fascinating challenge when it comes to design. From the moment the architect sits down to design the house, there are design choices that are made. A family moves in and makes more changes, to give it their own unique flare. Our company is here to help design your space as well as making it more secure and safe for your family.

Project Specs

  • Project Type: Window well covers with hatch and railing
  • Finish: Painted black satin
  • Metal: Wrought Iron
  • Location: Barrington, IL

custom Barrington rounded window well cover on hinge
This home in Barrington, Illinois wanted to include a few safety features around the window wells and a railing off some natural stone steps. A window well grate can improve safety, and prevent people and animals from falling into the space due to a misplaced step. When we sat down with our clients to design these pieces we began to take stock of the overall design of the space.
Barrington residential custom window well covers
A house like this combines historic and modern styles. Take a look at one of the long windows, it maintains the old style of a window with muntins separating the glass panes. This design has been around for centuries from the times when glass was first being manufactured and was held into the frame with various glazing materials. The black railing sits next to this window, warning of the long step down from the stone steps. We chose a wrought iron material that was then finished with a black, satin finish which not only gives it a bold look, but also additional weather resistance. The waved design mimics the natural edges from the stone brick and steps, creating a safety barrier that looks great in place.
barrington steel rail
For the window wells, they serve two purposes. As mentioned before, they create safety from the outside, making sure that people and animals can’t fall into the space. However, garden level windows are often necessary to be areas of egress, where people can get out during an emergency. These window well covers are designed as a hatch, easily lifted out of the way if necessary. This design feature also makes it easy to clean out the window wells when leaves and other natural detritus pile up.
custom exterior steel railing
Adding a personal touch to a home can be a fascinating journey. When we start on a project we look at the space and what the homeowner has envisioned. By putting our heads together we always create something unique and built to last. That is the beauty of metalwork, it lasts a lifetime.

If you are interested in getting custom metalwork for your home, please contact us. We look forward to helping you improve your home!

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