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Window Guard Projects

A feed of recent custom window guards we have had the opportunity to work on for commercial as well as residential clients in the Chicagoland area to give you some ideas on your next project. Whether it’s a client looking for security in their area to someone looking for functional art that doesn’t make their windows look hideous – we are the solution. We love to create art – something new – something fresh for a client that is looking for something unique. We can recreate something using photos or designs you have but we really love to utilize your ideas and create something truly unique. Stay tuned for future custom metal window guards. Also don’t forget to check out the custom window guard section for more ideas and past projects.

Galvanized window well cover with hatch and ladder for Winntetka home
The window well is always an interesting aspect of architectural design, and creating grates that fit the style of the building and the purpose is always interesting.
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Window well covers with hatch and waved outdoor railing for a home in Barrington
Each home offers a fascinating challenge when it comes to design. From the moment the architect sits down to design the house, there are design choices that are made. A family moves in and makes more changes, to give it their own unique flare.
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Custom Window Well Guards with Hatch in Michigan City
Window well covers serve an important function. Primarily they keep people and animals from falling into the window wells which can, of course, be dangerous. It's not uncommon for people to be working near a building foundation and slipping and falling, especially in winter.
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Window Guards in Chicago
We recently had a client from the Chicagoland area reach out to us for some custom window guards. They had some concerns about the first story windows being broken into but at the same time did not want to distress the curb appeal of the property or scare of their neighbors. They were looking for something decorative yet secure.
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Window Well Covers in Glenview
We often have customers call us to fabricate window well covers and it’s very difficult to find ones for a customer that fit their specific situation which is why they will often end up calling us to create custom made ones. Every well is slightly different when they pour concrete so getting a custom window well guard is really a must.
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Custom Art Residential Window Guard
A customer recently came to us looking for an artistic yet safe window guard for their home. They stressed that they did not want it to look like a set of security bars but more artistic. They wanted something that would fit with the rest of their decore and after a couple days we came up with a pretty unique design that the customer loved and we wanted to share with you.
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