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Residential decorative ornamental brushed bronze railing for kitchen

custom brushed bronze kitchen railing

One of the reasons we love metalwork is that it is such a versatile medium. Metal can be twisted into shapes that are plain or ornate. Metal can become ornate artistic endeavors, or be something with purely practical usage. Sometimes, they can even be combined to be both. This ornate railing in Geneva, Illinois is an example of where form can meet function right in the heart of the home, the kitchen. Designing for kitchens is always an interesting task, because whatever is designed becomes part of the everyday lives of the people who live there. Kitchens are busy spaces, and therefore, considerations of form and function take center stage.

Project Specs

  • Project Type: Ornamental kitchen railing
  • Finish: Brushed Bronze over black
  • Metal: Wrought Iron
  • Location: Geneva, IL

We designed this railing for a vintage home that possessed a lot of character! There were a lot of existing accents in the house that we could draw inspiration from. This railing was needed to add a little bit of safety to the top of the stairs and create a single place of access. It needed to match the existing designs of the house, and add its own sense of character. This custom piece really brightens the home and gives a unique flare to an already beautiful home.
custom artistic classic railing for kitchen home
This railing was made out of wrought iron steel, custom fitted to the space needed. The chosen finish was brushed bronzed over a black undertone. This is a classic color choice that has recently had an upsurge in popularity. It gives the sturdy wrought iron a sense of time that is in a state of arrested aging. The railing looks classic, but it won’t rust or have any other degradation of the metals. The satin finish gives it a warm glow when caught in the light, adding to that sense of hearth and home. The rounded railing at the top eliminates sharp edges, allowing people to move from the stairwell into the kitchen space easily.
custom bronze painted steel residential railing in Geneva
This sort of design is inspired by nature, the swirling pieces of metal invoking vines and other floral designs of the past. By mixing it with the metalwork it also gives it a feeling of timelessness, this custom railing could have been out of a time past and not just coming out our workshop. Capturing that feeling in a piece of work is part of the pride we take in every design. Each piece is a snapshot of both the space it was designed for and the skills of the modern day.

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