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Modern Railing Upgrade in Roselle

We recently had a client from Roselle reach out to us to replace their existing railing. The couple traveled to the US almost 60 years ago and bought this home but one of the elements in the house they have always wanted to change and to customize to truly define this space as theirs was the railing leading up to their bedroom.



They gave us a call and we discussed with them on some of the concepts and ideas they love as well as received some rough initial measurements from them. We then explained some color options and they really loved a lot of the existing designs we had done in the past. We sent over our pricing to them and then came out to take final measurements for the placement of their new wrought iron modern flat black railing.

We took some before shots to just show everyone the before and after of what was modern then to what they now have – a true transformation that will wow anyone visiting their home.




The entire process took roughly 2 weeks and they loved the outcome of this beautiful railing. This truly matched the interior of the home and we utilized at the same time oil based coatings to give this railing a life that will last another 60 years.

If you have any questions about a particular custom railing for your home – please give us a call or shoot us an email. We love to help the Chicagoland community by revitalizing and transforming your homes through inspiration and true functional art.

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