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How to safeguard your workout facility

Barrington steel railing

We recently had a client from South Barrington reach out to us with an interesting dilemma. She was converting her attic space into her own workout gym but the staircase leading up to the opening needed to be properly secured all the way around with a guard to ensure her family would not come falling down during their daily workouts.

Project Specs

  • Project Type: Stair railing
  • Finish: Painted – Black
  • Metal: Wrought Iron
  • Location: South Barrington, IL

safety steel railing for attic
She really loved the idea of utilizing wood but wanted the durability of metal – specifically wrought iron steel. We suggested a metal based with a wood top. She provided us with several designs and ideas of what she was looking for to secure the area while at the same time keeping budgets in mind – we came up with the solution you see now.

A horizontal modern railing that has many uses besides keeping her family safe. She can now attach exercise bands to several levels of the railing while at the same time utilize the horizontal bars to perform a various amount of stretching exercises to prep for her workout. Once we had the design ready we sent it of for her approval. She also came by our shop to pick out colors that would accent the room well and possibly go along with the exercise equipment she would be bringing in. Once everything was signed off it was time to measure!
custom attic railing
We came out to the home and took several measurements to make the installation process as smooth and as seamless as possible. Fabrication took roughly a week and towards the end of the process we provided her with some photos of the unpainted produce to ensure it not only meets but exceeds her expectations. We then began the coat application and the following week the product was ready for installation.
railing for home gym
Because of the fact that she was really interested in wood – we provided her with a few options of contractors that specialize in the carpentry field and at the same time we prepped the final product with holes for the wood top to adhere to easily and diminish the cost of the wood top installation.

The client loved the overall look and design and as always we were able to fabricate a functional piece that will keep this family safe for many years to come. Give us a call next time you are looking for a Chicago custom metal fabricator to design your next railing!

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