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Exterior railing for a balcony & outdoor space in Wicker Park

Wicker Park residential balcony railing
We recently had a client reach out to us that was completely remodeling her families entire home – from the inside out and we were given the opportunity to work with her. The massive beautiful home is located in Bucktown / Wicker Park area and we were asked to potentially work on creating custom balcony railing, fencing and garden railing.

Project Specs

  • Project Type: Stair railing
  • Finish: Painted – Black
  • Metal: Wrought Iron
  • Location: Chicago, IL

As with every project we ask everyone for some rough measurements, an idea photo (something we can use as inspiration), and potentially some photos of where the finished product needs to be installed. Once we received everything – we quickly got to work to looking at many various options and designs we could develop for this client that made sense with the current style and idea photo they provide. Once we have everything closely nailed down – we provide the estimate with all the information. Once the estimate is approved we will come out to take final measurement to ensure when we do come out to install – everything will fit like a glove – perfect is what we aim for.
Fabrication timeline on this project took roughly 3 weeks as there was a lot of wrought iron we had to utilize for the custom fencing, balcony and railing. We made sure to mock up every element in our shop to ensure that we can fabricate the final product to perfection. This particular product was painted with two coats of oil based paint to ensure it stands up to the Chicago weather but we do warn everyone that with a painted finish there is maintenance involved to ensure that rust does not develop. Especially considering how brutal the winters tend to be in Chicago and the fact of how quickly rusts spreads – we highly recommend that any client that does have any wrought iron material utilized for outdoors – needs to have it painted every few years – otherwise consider the investment into powder coating.

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