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Custom Wrought Iron Residential Railing in Winnetka

We recently had a client in Winnetka reach out to us for a custom wrought iron railing. They expressed their interest in individual pickets that have the look of a rustic home or cabin – something less modern and more on the traditional side. We met with the client in their home once we gave them the initial estimate and went over everything. We spent about 1-2 hours taking all measurements and angles to ensure that on the day of delivery the install is turnkey and seamless. The client also wanted a clear coat on the steel to preserve the look of aged steel with some accent elements throughout their house to combine with each set of rail. Due to the fact that the pickets or balusters were individually installed into the ground – this installation took longer than normal and we now instead make a form for the pickets to go into that still creates a similar look and doesn’t weight in so much in cost when it comes time to install.custom-railing-winnetka-residential



We are constantly examining new designs and techniques for custom rails, whether it be different patterns or styles. We are even looking into fashion magazines to see what is the new thing now and how we can incorporate our style into it. Our goal is not to provide a single product for everyone but to cater to each style, each taste, each personality because our products are just like the painting you hang or the amazing rug you lay in your living room – we create functional yet artistic work that is constantly evolving. If you don’t see any designs here that cater towards your taste – your welcome to come by our shop and discuss with us and we can help come up with something that will truly inspire and awe your visitors. Give us a call next time your looking to transform your home or business with a custom railing.

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