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Custom Wavy Railing in Vernon Hills

We had a client reach out to us from Vernon Hills to fabricate their custom railing for their home. We quoted this couple and then we didn’t hear back from them for a while. We heard back from them and we were a little surprised and were curious as to what happened because they needed their railing to go up right away. Apparently they went with a lower bid with another fabricator in the city who never delivered the product and kept their deposit. We assured them that our pricing would stay the same and that the final product would look amazing. We had them sign a contract with all the specifications and they came by our shop in Arlington Heights to look over some custom metal designs and they decided on a wavy design from our custom railing section. Once we received all the specifications and specs we went out to their home in Vernon Hills to take all the measurements and we then began the fabrication process.


custom wavy railing

The first step was to fabricate the wavy horizontal elements that we have a jig for to get a semi consistent pattern. Once those were formed we made the frame, welded the horizontal pieces and then began cleaning the product to prep it for priming. We primed the product with a high quality durable finish and then finished with a gray/silver top coat to give it a modern look. Once the product was dry and ready for installation we called the couple the week of and setup an appointment to come out to do the install. The final product looks fantastic and we thank them for the opportunity in working with us. We have a reliable clientele and we do everything in our power to make your custom railing as perfect as possible! Next time your in the market for a custom railing in the Chicagoland area – give us a call and we can discuss your next custom rail. Keep in mind that we do offer other colors as well as other materials such as cable, wrought iron, and aluminum. We are your leading custom metal fabricator in the Chicago area!

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