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Railing Projects - Related to "stairs"

A large collection of custom railings that we fabricate out of wrought iron as well as aluminum throughout the Chicagoland area to give you some ideas for your next project. Whether it is a new restaurant looking for something functional to artistic or a family looking for railings at their new home – we are the metal fabrication shop ready for the job! Our metal fabricators have over three generations of experience and they show it. They understand the complexities behind the fabrication process and know how the product has to be installed to ensure that the final result will be perfect every time!

Custom Penthouse Stairs In The Loop
The combination of wood with metal often leads to exceptional design, one that we love to offer to all of our clients.
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Custom Stairs in Champaign
We recently had the opportunity to work on a custom staircase and railing for a family that had a cabin out near Champaign, IL. We started out the process by meeting with the family in our fabrication shop to go over the details and showing them all the variety of samples we offered. At the end of the meeting we had a clear plan of action as to the type of metal, the design and so fourth. We scheduled a date to go out to the cabin and measure everything.
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Replacing Existing Railing Process
Replacing an existing railing is not a complicated process but it does include additional contractors depending on the situation. For example if you have a railing installed in wood flooring – a contractor would need to remove the existing railing and then path the wood area to ensure that it is ready for installation of the new railing. The issue or concern is that when we come in to install the new railing – the location of where the railing attaches to the floor may not completely coincide and you may end up with holes in the ground that are not needed. For that reason we tell all of our clients to call in a flooring expert to patch the area and have it ready for us to come in and install the finished product. We also need the railing removed to take proper measurements.
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