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Chicago Custom Stair Fabrication

Signature Metal Works Inc. specializes in custom stair fabrication and installation around the Chicago area. Stair fabrication is important to get done for the stairs of both residential and commercial buildings because the city’s architecture can be quite unique and will not sustain a standardized stairway system. Our staircase fabrications are done by evaluating the area you need stairs in and welding together a design suitable just for your particular building. Whether they are open stairs or a emergency fir escape – we are your Chicago metal fabricators for the job! This will make it recognizable to people and it will add elegance and uniqueness to your building.

Custom Mobile Stairs

In Chicago, both residential and commercial properties tend to be more than one story high. This makes stair fabrication and installation a frequently needed service in the city. We have worked with both new buildings that are being constructed and old buildings that need their stairways replaced with new ones. We have worked with architects and from our experience of over 2 decades we know the standards to ensure that the staircase project is done to code and yet look functional and beautiful at the same time. After years of wear and tear, a typical stairway can become dangerous if it was not originally made out of quality material and installed with durability in mind. We also reccomend that you consider stair maintenance especially when the staircase is outside.

Custom Metal Stairs

We make sure that all the stairways we install will last as long as maintenance is done. The best kind of stairway to get in your home is a custom fabricated metal staircase with metal railing. Don’t forget to check out some of our custom handrails as well as custom guardrails. You are probably used to seeing this type of stairway system on the outside of apartment buildings that lead to every floor. Now metal stairways like this are being installed in homes to promote safety and durability. We even include metal plate steps on the stairs to give people better traction to prevent slipping and falling. As for people who live in a house in the Chicago suburbs, we offer a custom modernized metal decking garage stairway. This is useful for people who frequently use their garage a lot.

Custom Stairs

Corporate buildings have customized stairways to give off a sense of professionalism to their clients and workers that frequent the buildings. For example, if you are an attorney that has a client visiting you then it wouldn’t look good for your business if the stairway to your office was made out of old rotting wood. Instead, you would want a custom metal staircase with a unique design and railing. It is important that corporate stairways have heavier metal than residential stairways, For one thing, corporate stairways get used more and have a lot more people on them at the same time. A mezzanine stairway is a popular choice so it can give businesspeople inside a company building a chance to greet each other midway on the stairs and strike a conversation without being in anybody else’s way. Next time your looking for a 5 star rated Chicago custom stair fabricator who also installs and designs the complete system – givs us a call!

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