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Stair Projects

An examination of some of the latest custom metal stairs we have had the opportunity to fabricate for commercial as well as residential clients throughout the Chicagoland area – to give you ideas for your next project! A custom metal stairs varies a lot depending on the finish, primary use, location as well as a slew of other factors. For example if your looking for a small staircase for your home – the ideal application would be to have it primed using an oil based primer combined with a top coat of oil based paint to ensure it’s durability. Now if your looking for a commercial application where the staircase will be in contact with water a lot – we recommend the galvanization process which soaks the product in a chemical bath to ensure that the steel will not deteriorate too quickly. Have more questions – feel free to give us a call. Meanwhile check out our section on past custom metal stairs we have fabricated.

Custom Tilting Fire Escape for Residential Home in Wicker Park
Building a fire escape for this residence in Wicker Park was an absolute delight. It took vision on behalf of our client, who wanted the fire escape on his home to mimic a much larger commercial style building, and a feat of engineering on behalf of our talented metalworkers. The final product was a custom tilting fire escape made of wrought iron and painted red. It was built in our workshop and then installed at the residence.
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Custom Folded Stairs in Chicago
We had a client reach out to us that was looking for a contemporary metal folded stairs for his home in Chicago. We showed them some samples and ideas of what we could do and they showed us other designs they found online. Between the two we were able to draft up a custom design the client loved. Once the contract was signed - we came in to take final measurements of the entire opening that the custom stairs would be going into.
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Custom Penthouse Stairs In The Loop
The combination of wood with metal often leads to exceptional design, one that we love to offer to all of our clients.
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Custom Stairs in Champaign
We recently had the opportunity to work on a custom staircase and railing for a family that had a cabin out near Champaign, IL. We started out the process by meeting with the family in our fabrication shop to go over the details and showing them all the variety of samples we offered. At the end of the meeting we had a clear plan of action as to the type of metal, the design and so fourth. We scheduled a date to go out to the cabin and measure everything.
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Chicago Custom Stair Fabrication
Signature Metal Works Inc. specializes in custom stair fabrication and installation around the Chicago area. Stair fabrication is important to get done for the stairs of both residential and commercial buildings because the city's architecture can be quite unique and will not sustain a standardized stairway system. Our staircase fabrications are done by evaluating the area you need stairs in and welding together a design suitable just for your particular building. Whether they are open stairs or a emergency fir escape - we are your Chicago metal fabricators for the job! This will make it recognizable to people and it will add elegance and uniqueness to your building.
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