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Des Plaines Flood

During the recent flood in Des Plaines, IL we decided to see if there is anyway we can help the community while also testing out our newest addition to our company. Our Toyota Tacoma really did well in the deep waters and we helped a few people get out of a few jams and even helped an elderly lady get to her apartment building because she literally could not get it because of all the water. We spent most of the day driving around the area looking around to see if there is anyway we can help the Des Plaines community. We realize how tragic water damage can be to homes and we hope that this town and others nearby are able to recover and move forward. As metal fabricators in the Chicago area we believe that helping the community is very important to us and is one of the foundations of who we area. We made a little video of us driving through the tough terrain – we are avail for emergencies no matter where you may be – SMW!

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