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* In order to provide a Quote we will need the address of the job site, images and approximate dimensions of the areas where new stairs or railings will be installed, and pictures/drawings of the design you would like to implement.

Other Custom Metal

Our feed on the latest custom projects and designs we do for clients that don’t necessarily fit into the main sections such as stairs and railings to give you some ideas for your next project. These are custom metal projects that are for commercial as well as residential clients and vary a lot based on taste and design. Whether we are creating custom fire escape replacement treads to creating custom twisted spindles for clients – we are up for any challenge. Our metal fabrication shop has over 3 generations of experience in making the impossible become reality. We look at not only the fabrication side but how the product will be utilized as well as how this one experience with this one customer can be automated for future clients in the chance they are looking for a similar product.

Wrought Iron Fencing in Chicago
We recently had a client from Roscoe Village in Chicago reach out to us while they were rehabbing their residential property. They transformed the entire exterior but needed additional elements to make it secure and safe. They were looking for a staircase coupled with fencing for the front of the home.
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Custom Steel Doors
We had a couple reach out to us that was looking for an amazing custom door to create a separator between their living room and office. They provided us with a custom design of exactly they were looking for. They wanted it painted gold and installed in their condo in Chicago. We fabricate the piece in about a week and the following week delivered and installed the final custom door.
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Custom Twisted Solid Square Bars
We recently had a client reach out to us to fabricate custom balconies utilizing a lot of twisted solid ½" square bars. We purchased some at first and then decided we could make our own. We bought a machine and modified it specifically to make railing twist pickets of any size. Next time your looking for twisted square bars of any size – give us a call and we can fabricate and ship it out to you!
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Fire Escape Replacement Treads
We recently had a client reach out to us to fabricate fire escape replacement treads for an emergency fire escape. In the city of Chicago they are all standard and we decided to fabricate some for the client as well as make a template for ourselves for any clients that may be interested. We can fabricate as many treads as you need and everything is done by hand and inspected to ensure that it meets all city codes. These steps are the same all over the US and if you have a fire escape with a broken step or tread and need a replacement tread – give us a call and we can quickly provide you with an estimate.
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Des Plaines Flood
During the recent flood in Des Plaines, IL we decided to see if there is anyway we can help the community while also testing out our newest addition to our company. Our Toyota Tacoma really did well in the deep waters and we helped a few people get out of a few jams and even helped an elderly lady get to her apartment building because she literally could not get it because of all the water.
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