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Handrail Projects

Review some of the latest custom metal handrails we have had the opportunity to fabricate and install for commercial and residential clients – ideas for your next project! A lot of clients reach out to us looking for a guardrail system that provides protection – whether it’s going down the stairs of a closed area to simply adding an extension to an existing brick guard that needs to be up to code. Metal handrails are vital to the safety and security and in many times they are required by city code to be at a certain height, certain amount away from the wall as well as where it is needed and not. These factors all depend on the Chicagoland area the customer is located. Our metal fabrication shop’s three generations of experience in the fabrication and installation of custom handrails gives our clients the assurance in that they know that when we install a product for them that it is up to code, will provide safety as well as last for a very long time! Stay tuned to the latest ideas and news on our custom metal fabrication process for metal handrails.

Modern wall mounted metallic bronze wrought iron pipe handrails for Chicago home in Lakeview
For this residential area in Chicago, we wanted to invoke that modernist sensibility. The goal of this project was to create new handrails for the steps leading to an outdoor porch area.
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Flat bar wall mounted stainless paint handrails for law office
Modern architecture has a style that cannot be mistaken with any other style of architecture from the past. It is both sharp and smooth edges. It can be natural materials mixed with industrial.
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Stainless Custom Modern Handrail in Highland Park
This railing was a pleasure to create to bring a new sense of character to this home in Highland Park. The architecture of the home was Mid-century modern with naturalistic elements throughout the home.
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ADA Railing in Humboldt Park
The first thing a client walking into a business sees is the entryway. While it may seem like we don't glance at the frames of doors, the steps, the facade, or the handrails as we walk into a building all of those elements build up in our subconscious to give us a feel for a space.
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Custom Handrail in Wicker Park
We recently had a client reach out to us to create a custom handrail solution that fit in with their modern/contemporary look of their home in Chicago. We initially asked for some measurements as well as some photos of the area and requested some ideas of elements they really liked. We were able to then sketch an idea that we did recently before but in a different finish and material. We presented the idea to the couple in the Chicago downtown town home and they fell in love with it. We then came out to their home in Wicker Park to take final measurements to ensure the final product would fit perfectly - as if it had always been there.
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Handrails for Church in Northfield
We recently had a church in Northfield reach out to us for a set of handrails to be fabricated for inside the building to be able to let their community and pastors go up the stairs without any concerns. The task was fairly simple but we wanted to make sure the design made sense for the church as well as double check on the color.
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Custom Ornamental Residential Railing & Handrail
A client reached out to us in Glencoe that was remodeling her home and just put in a brand new custom wooden stairs and was looking to transform her home. The home is over a century old and she wanted a little bit of that age to come off of on the railing while still giving it some nuances of modernism.
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Custom Ornamental Residential Wrought Iron Railing
We recently had a client reach out to us to fabricate a custom wrought iron handrail. Typically we get photos for inspiration or just an idea of what they are looking for but this client did a few sketches for us and it was something we had never seen before.
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Custom Exterior Residential Railings In Northbrook
Many of our clients call us because they need a simple yet elegant piece of custom railing for their home. Whether it's because you have elderly family members that need additional support as they walk into the home or simply an additional decorative piece to add to the beautification of the exterior of your home – we can help!
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Custom Modern Railing & Handrail
We recently had the opportunity to design and fabricate a beautiful custom modern railing for a home in the Chicagoland area. We really liked the way the product came out and we added a metal finish to the product to give it a great look. This finish ensures that the product will last a long time. Next time your looking for a beautiful custom railing for your home or commercial property - feel free to email or call us for an estimate.
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