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Custom Balcony Railing in Evanston

Our company loves problem solving and helping companies and home owners figure out a solution no matter what the situation may be. We had a client reach out to us about a fairly simple balcony railing. They purchased a condo property but noticed that the existing railing was rusted and not safe for their family and needed a new one. The family was located in Evanston and we came out to inspect once we reviewed photos and understanding roughly what the client was looking for. We noticed one concern which was how to get such a long railing into a proper so high up but at the same time making sure we can affix the new railing to the brick as they were planning on putting in wood decking later.


We reviewed a few different budget options regarding the current situation with the client and explained the difference from a maintenance perspective as well as from cost. The client wanted something where they wouldn’t have to worry for least 10 years about rusting or any kind of damage to their new home while at the same time providing safety for their home. They decided on a wrought iron railing with 2 coats of powder coating to ensure durability.


Once a decision was made – we came out to take final measurements and began the fabrication process in our shop. Once complete we sent out photos showing exactly what the product looked like before it went out to be sand blasted and powder coated. We sent it out and once it was ready we arranged with the client the best time and day of the week to come out to do the installation. Took us a few hours to ensure everything was secure and at the same time we made sure to add on an extension to the brick on the left hand side to ensure the railing was to proper Evanston code.

The client loved the final outcome and is now looking at putting in the wood decking. This project may seem simple but there are always complexities that come out during our installation process. We are always prepared for any situation to make sure that the client is always happy with the final product.


If you have any questions about ordering a custom balcony from our metal fabrication shop – please give us a call or fill out our contact form for additional information. We just ask everyone to provide design ideas of where you would like us to start if we are to make everything truly unique and special for your home.

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